Critical Geography and GIS: A renewal of critical GIS?

Call for Participants
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Nov. 5-6, 2010

With the proliferation of online, locative media marking a period of 'neogeography' and producing 'volunteered geographic information' and the 'geoweb', what is the role of a renewed, critical GIS? We invite both graduate students and faculty to participate in this discussion at the intersections of critical geography and GIS, across a broad range of scholarly activities, including: theories/concepts/frameworks, research designs and methodologies, practices and participatory engagements, and pedagogies.  We are also interested in how new generations of critical geographers are using geographic technologies.  More specifically, we hope this session draws critical geographers working with geographic technologies in fields such as
  • critical health and wellness studies,
  • poverty studies,
  • decision-making in local governments,
  • population studies,
  • privacy, ethics, and techno-positionalities,
  • GIS use in development,
  • studies of intersectionality,
  • participatory GIS, 
  • qualitative GIS, etc.
We hope to organize both a paper session and panel discussion, if enough interest is generated. Please contact the organizers, Matthew Wilson and Rina Ghose by August 13th.


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