Session Wish List, 2011 AAG Meetings, Seattle, WA

It's that time of year, again... perusing the AAG preliminary program to organize a 'wish list' of sessions I'd like to attend...  I've compiled my wish list below, some of which are competing interests... many of which I'll likely be too 'conferenced-out' to actually attend... sadly.

This list is very much a work in progress.  Please let me know if there are excellent sessions that I've overlooked (particularly in the areas/intersections of STS, urban-political geographies, critical GIS, and/or social/political theory or journal-sponsored lectures or author-meets-critics or cool panel discussions).

Monday, April 11th

  1. Volunteered Geographic Information: Research progress and new developments
    • AAG Preconference, organized by Sarah Elwood, Mike Goodchild, and Dan Sui.  Sheraton, Aspen Room.  I'll be discussing very similar work that I briefly outlined at the specialist meeting at UCSB in December.

Tuesday, April 12th

  1. 12:40-2:20  |  Grand Ballroom A, Sheraton, 2nd Flr
    • Mapping Practices and User-Generated Content.  I was on the program committee that organized this collection of authors (apologies to the participants if they feel like the organization for this session seems loose!).  I'm particularly interested in hearing the paper by Jason Young, "From PGIS to UGC: Mapping Virtual Positionalities and Political Power".
  2. 2:40-4:20  |  603, Convention Center
  3. 4:40-6:20  |  Issaquah A, Sheraton, Union Tower, 3rd Flr

Wednesday, April 13th

  1. 8:00-9:40  |  Metropolitan Ballroom B, Sheraton, 3rd Flr
  2. 10:00-11:40  |  Douglas Room, Sheraton, 2nd Flr
    • 12:40-2:20  |  609, Convention Center
    • 2:40-4:20  |  609, Convention Center
      • Critical Cartography and GIS.  Another session I pulled together as part of the program committee.  In addition to catching up on research by Wen Lin and Craig Dalton, I'm really curious about the paper, "Eventful Mapping", by Joe Gerlach.
      • Unfortunately, Nigel Thrift's lecture, "The Untoward Land", sponsored by cultural geographies is occurring at the same time in Grand Ballroom B, on the 2nd flr. of the Sheraton.
      • Nick Blomley is also giving a plenary lecture at this time, sponsored by the Urban Geography Specialty Group, introduced by Sarah Elwood and Bob Lake.  611, Convention Center.
    • 4:40-6:20  |  201, Convention Center
    • 6:30-8:00  |  Cirrus Ballroom, Sheraton
      • Space-Time Geographies Reception, hosted by the AAG, the GIS SG, ESRI, and UCGIS.
    • 7:30-8:30  |  614, Convention Center

    Thursday, April 14th

    1. 8:00-9:40  |  612, Convention Center
    2. 10:00-11:40  |  Willow A, Sheraton, 2nd Flr
    3. 12:00-2:20  |  Ballard, Sheraton, 3rd Flr
      • 2:40-4:20  |  619, Convention Center
      • 6:30-8:30  |  ArtXchange Gallery, 512 First Ave. S.
        • GPOW Book Event & Reception.
      • 8:00-9:00  |  611, Convention Center

      Friday, April 15th

      1. 8:00-9:40  |  204, Convention Center
      2. 10:00-11:40  |  204, Convention Center
      3. 12:40-2:20  |  211, Convention Center
        • 2:40-4:20  |  Cirrus Ballroom, Sheraton, Pike Tower, 35th Flr
          • Geographies of Seattle.  I'll be joining a panel of UWers (and former UWers) -- Katharyne Mitchell, Michael Brown, Vicky Lawson, Sarah Elwood, Jennifer Devine, Anne Bonds, Kevin Ramsey, JW Harrington, Mark Ellis, and Dick Morrill -- to discuss our contributions to Seattle Geographies, edited by Brown and Morrill, and published by UW Press.
        • 4:40-6:20  |  Grand Ballroom C, Sheraton, 2nd Flr

        Saturday, April 16th

        1. 8:00-9:40  |  609, Convention Center
        2. 10:00-11:40  |  616, Convention Center
        3. 12:00-1:40  |  609, Convention Center


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