GeoJournal: Theorizing the Geoweb

Check out a special issue I co-edited with Agnieszka Leszczynski, invited by Dan Sui at GeoJournal: Theorizing the Geoweb. This section was drawn out of two paper sessions (here and here) Agnieszka and I co-organized at the 2012 AAG meeting in New York. Special thanks to Agnieszka, the contributors, and reviewers for pushing a relatively quick turn-around on this! Our introduction to the special section is available here.

"The general convergence of location with digital information communication technologies (ICTs) has brought about profound shifts in the content, forms, and practices that surround spatial media. In geography, these phenomena have been variously and alternately referred to as ‘volunteered geographic information’ (VGI) (Elwood et al. 2011; Goodchild 2007), ‘neogeography’ (Graham 2010; Turner 2006; Warf and Sui 2010; Wilson and Graham 2013a, 2013b), ‘(new) spatial media’ (Crampton 2009; Elwood and Leszczynski 2012), and ‘the geoweb,’ (Elwood and Leszczynski 2011; Haklay et al. 2008; Scharl and Tochtermann 2007). Here, we prefigure ‘the geoweb’ as we consider it to account for both new materialities and new practices. Regardless of the neologism used to refer to these phenomena, they nevertheless present significant challenges to our disciplinary thinking about geographic information and technologies. ..."

  1. Theorizing the geoweb, Agnieszka Leszczynski and Matthew W. Wilson
  2. Extensible, not relational: finding bodies in the landscape of electronic information with wireless body area networks, Nicholas Bauch
  3. Tracing contingencies: analyzing the political in assemblages of web 2.0 cartographies, Christian Bittner, Georg Glasze, and Cate Turk
  4. Volunteered geographic information and networked publics? Politics of everyday mapping and spatial narratives, Wen Lin
  5. Avoiding the Ghetto through hope and fear: an analysis of immanent technology using ideal types, Jim Thatcher
  6. Gender and the GeoWeb: divisions in the production of user-generated cartographic information, Monica Stephens


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