AAG 2010: Data matter(s): legitimacy, coding, qualifications-of-life

I've just returned from the AAG Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., where I presented a paper in a qualitative methodologies session.  I've embedded the slides below.  A great question from the audience regarding my stance on quality-of-life indicators more generally reminds me of the complex assemblages that both necessitate and legitimate these urban codings -- and the multiple framings that produce 'qualitative indicators' as participatory, community involvement.  Indeed, there are possibilities for resistive re-codings of urban space that exist within the indicator-machine.  However, my argument in this paper is that the ways in which these data practices come to matter require our vigilance -- to engage these technologies with careful pause, to consider the multiplicitous arrangements that both figure our involvement and implicate our more-than-human counterparts.


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