Morgan Freeman is dead and other big data stories

On Thursday (7 Nov.) I presented the lecture: "Morgan Freeman is dead and other big data stories", a viewpoint forthcoming in cultural geographies. The preprint is now available here.
"On 5 September 2012 a new Facebook page was created titled “R.I.P. Morgan Freeman”  causing a flurry of social media activity that echoed a similar statement about Freeman in 2010 that quickly became globally trending on Twitter. At the time of this writing, Morgan Freeman is still quite alive. Indeed, while it’s generally known that the content produced through Twitter and Facebook is not fact-checked nor peer-reviewed, per se, the virality of this kind of content sustains fantastic stories. Perhaps it’s the seemingly inconsequential status of tweets and posts that make their existence nearly effortless; for many, tweeting, posting, retweeting, and sharing is akin to breathing. And yet, the aggregation of these moments of content production have become much more weighty, moving academic disciplines and funding agencies, reconfiguring industry and government, and increasingly becoming part of everyday life, for some. ..."


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