Review of The Autonomous Animal (2011)

My review of The Autonomous Animal by Claire Rasmussen (2011) was published at Society & Space, joining a review by Bob Lake and a response by Claire.

In The Autonomous Animal, Rasmussen takes as her object of study the “everyday life of autonomy” (page xiii), that is, the actual practices of autonomy as well as the ways in which the concept of autonomy is utilized to discuss political subjectivity and self-governance. She writes that autonomy has become a pre-condition for participation in a democracy, and asks: what conditions this development, politically and socially? What are the limits for a democracy staked around claims or evaluations of autonomous selves? [ . . . ]

Wilson, Matthew W. 2012. Review of The Autonomous Animal: Self-Governance and the Modern Subject, by Claire Rasmussen. Environment & Planning D: Society & Space. Available at:


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