Sarah Elwood and I can finally report that our co-authored chapter for The SAGE Handbook of Human Geography, facilitated by the editors of Progress in Human Geography, is forthcoming, sometime in 2014. A preprint version is available here.

Wilson, Matthew W., and Sarah Elwood. forthcoming, 2014. “Capturing.” In The SAGE Handbook of Human Geography, edited by Roger Lee, Noel Castree, Rob Kitchin, Victoria Lawson, Anssi Paasi, Chris Philo, Sarah Radcliffe, Susan Roberts and Charles Withers. London: Sage.

"Capture is fundamental to human thought, action, and culture. Traditions of storytelling aggregate captured human experiences, just as these captured moments enable institutions of human knowledge. Within human geography, the term takes on a particularly lively meaning. To draw a line is to capture a space, conceptually, metaphorically, physically. The concept of capture draws in the troubled histories of the instrumentation of Geography, for instance in state-making projects of colonialism and militarism. ..."


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