Quantified Self-City-Nation and the Slippages of Platform Urbanisms

I am so honored to be part of a conversation on Platform Urbanism, organized by Susan Moore and Scott Rodgers, as a Roundtable -- a feature of Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture. My two posts in this conversation served to reintroduce the notion of quantified self-city-nation and then discuss the work of the hyphen in that formulation. However, the other commentators have pushed new ground on the role of critical geographical inquiry into understanding the role of the digital in our cities -- with work by Lizzie RichardsonMaroš KrivýSarah Barns, and John Stehlin.

I conclude my second post:
"In the quantified self-city-nation, these slippages are not failures of platform urbanisms, but are the binding practices that keep us individually and collectively still in the state of play — caught up in the various dreams that might allow some of us peace of mind, while many others are left insisting: wake up." More here.


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