GIScience II: Newness and imminence

This second Progress report for PHG is available online: "GIScience II: Newness and imminence". In this report, I attempt to imagine how mapping and GIS brings forth – and how this kind of imminence provides a different way to imagine what is new in GIScience. As with the first report, I suspect I've missed some key developments in the 'minor GISciences', but I so appreciate the opportunity to think about what motivates critical approaches to mapping and GIS, today.

GIScience II: Newness and imminence


In this second report, I discuss the role of newness in GIScience, drawing distinctions between ‘the new’, as a state of emergent technology and technical situation, and imminence, a state of happenings and becomings. I suggest that GIScience often reduces the two to each other – what is imminent is that which is new – with specific implications for the use of geospatial techniques and technologies in explicitly radical, critical, and anti-racist projects. To engage in this work means often to make do with what is available and accessible, with no less need for experimentation and innovation.

[ Access it here, or contact me for a copy. ]


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