GIScience III: Questions of time


My third and final Progress report on GIScience is available online: "GIScience III: Questions of time". This process has been such a privilege, to be encouraged to read across all the exciting research happening in the discipline, with an eye toward scholarship that may not necessarily sit comfortably within GIScience, even as GIScience 2023 recognizes a disruptive potential with GIS. This report attempts to grapple with the handling of time in GIS, as a productive source for more just applications. Originally, I imagined the title for this report to be "Questions on speed", as I think speed captures part of the disjunctures in GIScience: how to recognize the different rhythms and paces in spacetimes and how to allow these differences to occupy our spatial analytics?

Many thanks to David Manley and Noel Castree for this opportunity and to the scholars in and around the edges of GIScience that continue to push my thinking.

GIScience III: Questions of time

In this, my third annual report, I contemplate inquiries about time as these might impact the work of GIScience. I review how GIScience grapples with, and thereby constitutes, the temporal dimension. I suggest that while efforts in critical cartography and critical geographic information systems have opened GIScience to alternative spatial representations and imaginings (sometimes beyond Cartesian analytics), unsettling temporal linearity in GIScience remains an important pathway to realize political and radical agendas for the field.

[ Access it here, or contact me for a copy. ]


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